Charity Water

What is Charity Water?

Charity Water is a nonprofit organization aiming to grant everyone access to clean water. By building and providing drilled wells, water processing and water filter plants as well as pipe systems, Charity Water ensures that clean water is unlimited available for people in need. Our gallery shows pictures of some of the construction projects and acts as an eye opener on how life quality in developing countries can be improved by simple measures.

Why did we choose Charity Water?

Daily, 5000 children die because of contaminated water before they reach their 5th birthday. Worldwide, contaminated water is most common cause of disease. Shockingly more than half of all diseases in developing countries are caused by contaminated water, especially diseases such as Cholera, Typhus and worm infestation are results of not having access to clean water.

Only a fifth of the world’s population is living in households that are sufficiently connected to a clean water and sewage system.  Overall 37% of the world’s population suffer from water deficiency. In most of the developing countries the supply of water is tasked to the women in the family. In terms of numbers, we talk about 40 million hours that women spend collecting water. They usually have to walk long distances to the next water reservoir and the back, with an up to 18kg heavy canister, is not yet the biggest hassle for them. The danger of sexual harassment and abuse is omnipresent and so is the enormous health risk due to getting in contact with contaminated water on a regular basis.

Charity Water guarantees that 100% of the donations are used to set up a sustainable clean water supply which automatically transforms your donations into enhanced life quality for people in need. After our donation campaign for Charity Water ends we will receive the GPS data as well as pictures of the water supply project for which our donations have been used. We will keep you updated via our blog and newsletter.

A reliable supply of clean water can change everything!
  1. Drinking without getting sick.
  2. No more physical strain for women as pipe systems replace the trips to water reservoirs.
  3. Sexual harassment and abuse also will decrease.
  4. Instead of spending 40 million hours for collecting water, women can focus more on education, their family and pursuing a job.

Clean water means health, income and education especially to women and children. The video above impressively demonstrates why clean water is that important!

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