What is Global Learning XPRIZE?

The vision of XPRIZE is to improve people‘s life quality and well-being while attacking the biggest challenges of humanity through attractive open prize competitions. They motivate and encourage (young) people, organizations and companies to innovate and to develop new technologies or actionable ideas by offering high-value prizes for the best problem solution. The Global Learning XPRIZE is a competition to build Open Source software to teach a child to read, write, and perform arithmetic, by themselves, without a teacher. The overall goal of the Learning XPRIZE, however, is to build a global community committed to eradicating illiteracy and create the world more peaceful and more prosperous.

Why did we choose Global Learning XPRIZE?

250 million children in the world can’t read, write, and perform. Many of them live and grow up without access to schools and teachers. From another perspective, 1,5 million teachers would be needed for those kids to catch up with educational standards.

The Learning XPRIZE seeks to bring free education even to the most rural places and especially to those can’t afford or don’t have access to educational institutions or materials. The solution to the challenge is awarded 15 Million Dollar and teams as well as individual persons from all over the world taking part in it. One might think why do they form a competition instead of building a network to solve the problem altogether. XPRIZE found out that through competition teams as well as individual persons perform better and do oversee the work of others to adopt their way of thinking. Collaborations, however, are not rare and competitors pushing but also advising each other. Education shouldn’t be an elitist commodity but freely accessible to everyone. Free Open Source education allows everyone to evolve at their own pace.

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