What is Wildchain?

Wildchain is a social enterprise bringing people together to protect, preserve, and restore our world’s endangered wildlife and natural zones. The organization aims to raise awareness and funds to protect endangered species by creating a digital mirror of the real world’s wildlife population on the blockchain. 

How does it work?

By creating value in the form of crypto collectibles that represent real wildlife and nature, they build an incentivized system to restore balance and to design the future of tomorrow.  The Wildchain tokens can be seen as a digital mirror of the latest population estimates of real living animals, one to one. The digital world is based on the blockchain technology and allows you to:

  • Purchase magic eggs tat hatch wild animals or visit the sanctuary to adopt your favorite species.
  • Raise awareness and contribute to organization that are helping to restore the balance.
  • Earn Crypto Tokens and collect animals in your crypto wallet (WIN). Use the tokens to explore more of the digital world or to support causes that sustain wildlife and nature.

Why did we choose Wildchain?

Like we, Wildchain believes in “Nature Needs Half”. Humans are causing the most devastating mass animal extinction in 65 million years and despite a lot of efforts from organizations around the globe such as Fauna & Flora International the mass extinction seems not to stop. Below are some alarming numbers from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species showing threatened and endangered species:

  • 63% of Cycads
  • 41% of Amphibians
  • 34% of Conifers
  • 33% of Reef-building Corals
  • 25% Mammals
  • 13% Birds

Wildchain has a very innovative approach to bring this topic closer to people. Through gamification in form of a digital world that mirrors the existing wildlife population one to one and utilizing blockchain technology, Wildchain hopes to raise awareness throughout all social stratums. 

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